About us


About Us

At Marsh, we have a straightforward mission to use experience and innovation to bring simplicity and value to Date and Traceability Coding of food, groceries and medicines.

We are delivering this through our relentless pursuit of making coders that are so simple and reliable, our customers can select, buy, and install them themselves. We provide easy to follow guides and support tools to give you everything you need to do it yourself – install, operate, maintain. And because of that, we can offer you incredible value.

Food safety and food waste matter to everyone, and as food producers, our customers rely on our coding printers to help them ensure their products are accurately date stamped and lot coded to the nearest minute.

Old Hot Stamp coding technology cannot deliver this level of quality, consistency and accuracy. It requires Intelligent Date Coders, and here at Marsh, we are determined to bring this technology to all producers, which is why our products offer simplicity and value.

We make sure our coders are easy to install – no need for expensive technical specialists, you can do it yourself in minutes. We’ve made our flagship coder, the Marsh 241D, so it fits right in the same bracket and uses the same wiring as your old hot stamp coder.

Marsh coders are easy to use – no complex setup, the expiry or production date can change automatically if you wish, or you can change the code in seconds using our free, simple App which will run on any Android phone.

And, importantly, Marsh coders offer great value for money – we are making state-of-the-art coders affordable.

Our App and this website are packed with all the help and guides you need, and you can buy ink ribbons right from the App in seconds, with free delivery direct to your factory.

Have a chat with one of our team right now, or place an order now and enjoy the 7-day no-quibble return, a 3-year warranty and more. We’ve made your investment in reliable date and traceability coding risk free – give it a try and see for yourself.