Marsh 241D can enhance the intelligence of these types of packaging machines, reducing operating issues, errors and costs.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

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Self-adhesive Labelling Machine

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Optimise the performance of your
VFFS machines
for Bags, Pouches and Films

It is worth noting that vertical packaging machines must be used with a coding equipment to print batch number and dates on the packaging, as required by the food safety legislation. A date code is just one small part of a finished product, but can have significant consequences if it's printed wrong. The $500 traditional hot stamp may be cheap, but its print performance can be very poor and is often prone to human errors.

To resolve all these pain points once and for all, consider automatic technology such as digital hot stamp, which will set the production dates automatically without the need for operator input, so completely removes the opportunity for human error. This equipment used to be considered ‘specialist’ but is now available at a cost per print the same as traditional hot stamp – there is no longer an excuse for human error and allows you to remove hidden costs from your business.

Old vs. New
Mechanical vs. Digital
20mins vs. 30secs

Field application examples

Finished product examples

Working in conjunction with the VFFS machines, Marsh 241D digital coder can print on most flexible packaging materials that are widely used for snack foods, nuts, powder and granule products.

Testimonials from renowned
VFFS End Users

"Marsh 241D coder is easy to install and can directly replace the old hot stamp coder. It visibly improves the print quality. "
Xu Dejian, General Manager - Shanghai Bainuo Food Co., Ltd.

"Marsh 241D is a powwerful and easy-to-use coder. The dates are updated automatically and you no longer need to use brass types. The print quality is very good too!'
Shen Lu, Packaging Process Director - Xuancheng Braveiy Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

Optimise the performance of your
for Bottles, Tubs, and Jars

A labeller is a machine that attachs self-adhesive labels to prescribed product packaging, widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industries. Like vertical packaging machines, labellers also need to equip a coding device in order to print batch numbers, and production dates on the labels. Currently on the market, labellers also come with the traditional hot stamp just like the VFFS, therefore, the following pain points exist also in the production process of labellers.

• Time-consuming manual change of brass type
• Type errors such as reversed characters
• Warm-up delays
• Punctured bags
• Poor and inconsistent print quality

Again, the solution to these problems is the same one for the VFFS - simply swap your hot stamp with an automatic digital coder, now available at a cost per print the same as before, your business will be rid of the errors and hidden costs caused by the old, mechanical hot stamp once and for all.

The Hot Stamp Trouble

Fiddly brass type

Punctured bags

Type setting error

poor print quality

Field application examples

Finished product examples

Working in conjunction with labellers, Marsh 241D digital coder can print on self-adhesive labels that are widely used on bottled products among food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Testimonials from renowned
Labeller End Users

"Editing print content throgh mobile phone is so much easier than manual brass typesetting. Marsh 241D is easy to install, easy to use; anyone can handle it. Rating: 10/10!"
Hong Shaoting, Manager - Chor Dynasty Ltd.

"With Marsh 241D Digital Hot Stamp Coder, you can say goodbye to brass type. It is a coder that brings you simplicity and convenience."
Chen Yinuo - Guangzhou Rifu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Printer Orientation
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Marsh 241D
Digital Hot Stamp Coder
Application Spec
Substrates Flexible packaging: Films, Plastic films, Self-adhesive labels Metal. Alloys, Paperboards
Application Range Intermittent packaging only. Vertical Form Fill Seal, Self-Adhesive Labelers Continuous packaging; Wrapping; Sealing; Manual coding
Code Types Automatic date codes: Automatic date codes:production date, sell-by date, use-by date; Automatic batch/lot codes: Time; Factory & Machine ID:Fixed text Bar codes, QR codes, counters, images
Production Throughput Up to 190 packs per minute for 1-line and 2-line codes; Up to 160 packs per minutefor 3-line codes; Please contact us for higher throughputs >=300 per minute
Print time 100ms (minimum time substrate must be stationary) <100 ms
Characters 0-9, A-Z, full Mandarin set, punctuation Any other non-alphabetic languages than Chinese
Code Content 1, 2, or 3 lines of code over 4 lines
Code Size Max. Width: 33mm Max. Height: 16mm (when character size is set to 4mm) Width over 33mm. or height over 16mm
Character Sizes 2, 2.5,3,3.5,4mm Below 2mm or over 4mm

Marsh 241D digital coder is available in 2 models, 25mm and 33mm, for different printing needs based on character sizes. Want to know which model is right for your production line? Try our coder selector below!

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Enter the text you want print on one line and we will show you which character sizes you can choose for each model

Quick reference table
Typical characters per line
Character Size
2.0mm 17 23
2.5mm 14 19
3.0mm 12 17
3.5mm 11 14
4.0mm 9 12
Print size examples