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Same cost per code
as hot stamp coding

No need for brass type
Automatic date and lot codes

Fit it yourself - use existing bracket
You can be printing within 30 mins

Try it risk-free for 7 days
3 year limited warranty

High quality codes for intermittent flexible packaging machines and labellers

Automated date codes
Time codes
Automated lot numbers
Print on labels
Print on clear films
Print on laminated films


Easy to install

The Marsh 241D is a direct swap plug and play replacement for your traditional hot stamp. Because you fit it yourself we’ve managed to keep the cost low.

Use this site to
order online

Everything you
need is in the box

Same bracket, same
wiring, no adjustments

You can be printing
within 30 minutes

Watch our video to see how quick and easy installation is.

We're here to support you




Resource library


Easy to use

So simple to operate all you need is an app and your digital coder does the rest.

The Old Way

Leave behind wasted time and human error

Changing brass type is so slow and fiddly, and all backwards, no wonder so many mistakes are made. It takes up to 20 MINUTES before you are printing again

The New Way

Automatically print date and batch codes without wasting time with brass type and warm up

When you upgrade to the Marsh 241D, you can set the date to change automatically. Alternatively, use the intuitiave Code Editor on the App and change your code in few seconds.


Same printer cost, same cost per code, better everything else.

Upgrade to smart digital coding for the same cost as your old hot stamp!

No messing around with brass type and waiting to warm up

When you upgrade to smart coding your old brass type set-up is replaced with a modern automated digital system. And because there’s no manual adjustment needed, temperatures remain the same under automatic control – leaving you’re ready to print with no delay.

No punctured bags or poor quality print

Over time, brass type will wear down at different rates resulting in either poor quality print or punctured bags. With the Marsh 241D you get the same results time after time.

High efficiency ribbon usage means lower running costs

The smart ribbon management optimizes ribbon advancement to ensure that waste is minimal. This reduces the need to replace the ribbon as often as with your old hot code printer.

Error Free Coding

There are many automatic date and lot code options which avoid operator input - reducing the possibility of human error. For example - the coder can be set to automatcially advance the Production Date every day.

The Marsh 241D is designed for the future.

It’s ready for potential legislation changes and retailer demands for extended code options that are already happening in other parts of the world. Upgrade and future-proof your business today.

Hot stamp vs digital coding

Hot Stamp Coder
Hot stamp
Warm-up delay
Brass type
241D Coder
Marsh 241D

Customer testimonials

“Marsh 241D coder is easy to install and easy to use. It fills the technical gap in the VFFS industry for date coding on soft packagings, and the massive cost gap between a traditional hot stamp coder and a TTO coder.”

Zhu Jun – Shanghai Zhonghe Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

“Marsh 241D is a powerful and easy-to-use coder. It brings more possibilities to the market and came just at the right time to fulfill the market needs!”

Chen Haibo – Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

“With Marsh 241D Digital Hot Stamp Coder, you can say goodbye to brass type. It is a coder that brings you simplicity and convenience.”

Chen Yinuo – Guangzhou Rifu Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Marsh 241D Specification

Code Content 1, 2, or 3 lines of code
Code Width Up to 16 characters (25mm coder). Up to 24 characters (33mm coder)
Character Sizes 2 - 4mm high
Characters 0-9, A-Z, full Mandarin set, punctuation
Code Orientation 0 or 180°
Code Types Automatic date codes: production date, sell by date, use by date
Automatic batch/lot codes
Factory ID
Machine ID
Fixed Text
Application Range Intermittent packaging equipment only.
Vertical Form Fill Seal, Self-Adhesive Labellers
Print time 100ms (minimum time substrate must be stationary)
Production Throughput

Up to 190 packs per minute for 1-line and 2-line codes
Up to 160 packs per minute for 3-line codes
Please Contact Us for higher throughputs

External Input Print Trigger Input: NPN, PNP (12-24VDC), Microswitch
External Output

Volt-free contact (to interlock with packaging machine)
DC only, 30V DC, 1A max

Compatible Ribbon Marsh ActiveCore™ Black
25mm x 200m (25mm coder)
33mm x 200m (33mm coder)
Codes per ribbon roll Up to 80,000 single line codes.
Automatic ribbon advance, no adjustments
Operating Temperature 5-40C, 10-90% ambient humidity, non-condensing
Rating IP40
Power Supply Mains power 100-240VAC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz, 1A max.
External PSU (included), Output 24VDC, 1.5A
No air required
I/O Connector

Coder Model Selector

Quick Coder Model Selector

Enter the text you want print on one line and we will show you which character sizes you can choose for each model

Quick reference table
Typical characters per line
Character Size
2.0mm 17 23
2.5mm 14 19
3.0mm 12 17
3.5mm 11 14
4.0mm 9 12
Print size examples

Marsh 241D Android app

Our simple to use app gives you full control of your smart coder with nothing more than your phone. Manage everything from the smartphone* in your pocket.

  • Printer settings
  • Job setup
  • Real time automatic lot codes traceability
  • Real time performance
  • Code assurance
  • Purchase ribbon

* Phone itself not supplied

Connecting App to printer

Changing a code with the App

Control coder from the App

Buying ribbon from the App

Utilizes Marsh ActiveCore™ ribbon
with 4x more prints per roll

Hot stamp
Marsh 241D
Save time!
Save money!