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Bainuo Foods Regrets for Not Knowing the Existence of Marsh 241D Sooner: Printing Codes on Confectionery Packaging Have Never Been Easier!

Shanghai Bainuo Foods Co., Ltd. is a renowned company that produces candies, chocolates and other snacks. After replacing one of their brass-type hot stamp coders used for printing dates with the Marsh 241D digital hot stamp coder, Bainuo was blown away by the print performance of the Marsh 241D coder that they ended up changing all their hot stamp coders to our Marsh 241D coders. Below is a photo of Bainuo’s Marsh 241D coders printing on-site:

A photo of Bainuo production cell: Each vertical form, fill and seal machine is equipped with a Marsh 241D coder.

The cutting-edge technology and simplicity in the design of Marsh 241D coders have won the approval of Bainuo. The manager of Bainuo praised, “It is extremely convenient that Marsh 241D coders can directly replace the hot stamp coders, and the print performance of Marsh 241D coders is more superior!

A video of Bainuo’s Marsh 241D coder printing high-quality codes on-site:

If your company also produces confectioneries, Marsh will be your best option in saving cost and time.

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