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How can a Simple Digital Coder Aid Recruitment and Worker Retention?

You might be sceptical when you read the article title. How can a small digital coder possibly help with recruitment and worker retention? The date codes on your products say a lot about you and your products. Whether it is your product or your client’s product, the presence of a modern automatic real-time date code and digital lot code assures your clients and consumers of the product quality and traceability, increasing their confidence in your brand and products.

But what about your team? How do they feel about your food traceability system?

Traditional old hot stamp technology for printing codes?

Traditional hot stamp coder technology is over half a century old. It is the mechanical solution to print the legally required production date that requires the involvement of an operator. The operator needs to remove the hot print block from the coder, careful not to burn their hands. The operator then waits for the print block to cool down, increasing the lead time and losing potential profit. Once the print block is cool enough to touch, they use tweezers to remove the brass characters, hoping not to drop or lose any, before they reinsert the new characters (hopefully in the correct order) and install the print block back in the coder. The operator will have to wait for the coder to warm up before it is ready to print.  

You probably can tell this method of printing codes is highly inefficient. Traditional? In other words, ‘old’ or ‘outdated’. What is more, it is the antithesis of lean. In summary, it is everything the new generation ought to avoid.

Digital hot stamp coders for a digital generation

New employees are from a digital age. China is the world’s largest smartphone market, and surveys show that over ninety per cent of students have a mobile phone. What would their opinions of the above experience with a traditional hot stamp be? It would be like asking them to replace their phones and WeChat (or WhatsApp) with ink, quills and papers to communicate with friends and families. If your manufacturing factory is still using traditional hot stamp coders, what does it say about you and your business?  It is an outdated technology that modern workers would expect their parents to have used.

Fortunately, the reliable Marsh 241D digital hot stamp coders are now available! The printing cost per code is the same as a code punched by a traditional hot stamp coder. Marsh 241D coders print codes with thermal printheads instead of brass type print blocks, eliminating the warm-up time (no burnt fingers too). Just like a smartphone, the Marsh 241D coder has a real-time clock. Therefore, it can print real-time codes automatically, avoiding human errors.  Digital hot stamp coders are the simple, cost-effective solution for you and your employees. Get yours on!