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How easy is it to upgrade to a self-sufficient coder? Examples of customer self-installation and Q&A.

Upgrade from a traditional hot stamp coder to the Marsh digital hot stamp coder in three simple steps:

  1. Remove the old hot stamp coder from the bracket.
  2. Install the Marsh digital hot stamp coder on the original bracket.
  3. Turn on to start printing.

Marsh answers customers’ questions

Q: Others provide door-to-door services. Why does Marsh require customers to install the coders themselves?

Marsh promotes customer self-installation due to two crucial brand concepts: simplicity and affordability.

1. Simplicity: For industrial products, simplicity is equivalent to intelligence. The most prominent example is a smartphone – the more intelligent the smartphone, the more user-friendly it is, and the easier it is to use. Therefore, the more intelligent the product, the lower the learning cost for an employee, making it suitable for factories with high employee turnover rates. Thus, Marsh is dedicated to manufacturing self-sufficient coders that anyone can operate.

2. Affordability: Charges for all conventional door-to-door visits and services will be included in the final prices of the products. Therefore, self-installation is the best option to minimise the price of a high-quality product. The simplicity of the Marsh 241D coder design allows the customers to install the coders themselves. To ensure customers receive sufficient support from Marsh, we have prepared concise and easy-to-understand tutorials, guides and various help resources, all available on for free. Replacing the door-to-door services with customer self-installation has enabled Marsh to sell the premium-quality coder at an affordable price.

Q: Does Marsh provide any relevant services or technical support?

Yes, Marsh does. As mentioned earlier, we provide free resources (including help videos, infographic documentation, FAQ articles, etc.) on You can also click on the blue ‘chat’ icon to communicate with one of our professional technical support engineers who are on the line. During business hours, our support specialists aim to reply to your message(s) within 5 minutes; Out of business hours, you can leave a message along with your contact details in the chat window. The team will contact you to resolve the issue during business hours.

Q: Where and how do I access ‘Resources’ of Marsh?

Enter the official website of Marsh(, select ‘Resources’ on the top bar menu and click on any format of ‘help resources’ you prefer!

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