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Marsh sign yearly contract with China top OEM Soonture

Today, we are pleased to announce the signing of yearly contract with Shanghai Soontrue Machinery. This marks our long-term partnership with Soontrue, one of the leading packaging machine manufacturers in China. 

As a prominent leader in the packaging machinery industry in China, Soontrue is a keen advocate of craftsmanship spirit and creator of higher value for customers through innovative design and high quality. They are focused on innovation and automation in manufacturing. Similarly, Marsh believe in smart, simple and affordable coding technologies. Marsh and Soontrue have a lot in common in our business beliefs and product philosophy, and we are both devoted to serving the customers from food and drink manufacturing industries.

While preparing the launch of 241D digital hot stamp, Marsh paid Soontrue many visits and tested some of the earliest 241D coders onsite in one of Soontrue's factories. Soontrue provided us with valuable feedback which helped further improve our product design. On October 22, 2020, trial of first production batch of Marsh 241D coders was successful in Soontrue's factory and received favorable reviews. The two parties then signed the Cooperation and Promotion Agreement.

Chen Haibo, General Manager of Shanghai Songchuan Co., Ltd., gives high praise to Marsh 241D digital hot stamp: "Marsh 241D is a powerful and easy-to-use coder. It brings more possibilities to the market and came just at the right time to fulfill the market needs!"

Marsh tested onsite in Soontrue's facotry:

Soontrue's Sales Director Mr. Jiang as guest in Marsh 241D webninar, praising and recommending Marsh coder: